Let There Be

First fireflies

which mean nothing

except that June progresses in a way

making sense to those who tarry.

The fall of empires –

I am not as reckless as I may seem.

More anchors than lost vessels. Yet

sometimes one needs a beer

to wish a father Happy Father's Day. I'm not waiting

anymore for what is not mine.

A silver lining rounding ginger sunsets

dissected into unrealistic hues.

He wants

me with him tonight but I turn

towards the dark

towards the empty side the bed

towards a piss poor imitation of free will

under enlightenment's regime. Sandra Gilbert

makes bread and leaves it on my table.

Leave me on the table. Me, hewn from oak trees

and sky and water returning.

In the distance chainsaws

sound like children crying. Takers with the power

to give. The power to change.

The power to give the power

to those who want to eat more

than their share.

Light, let there be you.

You, let there be me.

Me, let it pass.