Traveling Light

Pruning around the cardinal's nestall yesterdays fade into place.

Moments lack boundaries as the continuous slips.

All of these words to say the consummate hello.

My purple suitcase is carrying folded expectations and carefully sewn destinations. Goodbyes are hellos in the same way that the clear, crisp moon is a window in the concrete night sky. Or something like that.

Ten thousand miles west for trails and mountains fjords and lakes.

Footing minded. Poetry lived.

I'll see the sunrise before you, and send its benevolence towards your dawn. And as the night writes proverbs in my eyes, I'll carry on a bent sleep ahead of your weary mind.

Glacier and gorge. Rainforest and reef. Our touch will recognize them all.

No matter how the body travels, one must renew the mind away from moments until the seamless continuance nullifies our farewell. Still everyday I am departing from the desire to wonder. Wander?

The passport to peace says our village is the whole world and evil is the slave to good. I'll carry that edict in my purple suitcase until the obsession with borders and maps is shredded by “yes.”