Multifaceted Response


my plant drinks sun
running its arms
along the windowsill

and the old wooden dresser
with its partitioned drawers
holds the vestments of tomorrow

coffee stains
on my notebook
tell stories of the Tasman sea

yet my body folded in bed
still responds to the solicitation
of other

do not these things
respond to me as I
respond to them?

our worlds mesh
and still a reserved aspect
pirouettes in an impoverished duet

the filling banquet of presence
never leaves me

plant, dresser, notebook
dog, sunshine, cheese -
all only one facet of enough

Soft Sea


despite my infirmity
the palm fronds twitch
as always

joggers push on
along sloping sands
drinking the surf into soul

from my bed I count dewdrops
suspending light in bulbs
along the railing

and watch sea scrolls
pile up and disappear
unrehearsed and unconcerned

why won't the world
reciprocate the aching skin
and feverish sleep?

missing is the descended mist
blocking rainbows
and mountain views

unformed are the hungry storm clouds
eating their way towards picnics
and parrots

yet I languish alone
on summer's holiday
wanting to leave

when the sea
is so soft